About Satterwhite

From humble beginnings, Satterwhite Log Homes has become one of the premier log home companies in America. We attribute our success to good materials, great people, a lot of hard work, and a determination to build quality log homes at a reasonable price.

We started in 1974. Sam was fresh out of college and building his own home, which was a brick A-frame. As shingles were being installed, a young man named Bill Snow stopped by to look, apparently liked what he saw, and asked if Sam could build a log house. This was an interesting proposition. Log Homes were not something you saw much of outside of Mountainous regions or school books. He liked the idea of building something unique and challenging. So, not knowing what he couldn't do, Sam agreed and during the next weeks, plans were drawn and a site prepared. Then, late in 1974, using materials the Snows' purchased from a mill in Colorado - logs and beams were cut from dead-standing spruce found high in the Rockies. Sam's future began taking shape, along with his first log home.

During that winter so many passers-by stopped to look at the Snow log home, Sam understood that people here in Texas were looking for a way to extend (and perhaps define) their lifestyle with something unique and interesting like the log home. It was not long before Sam decided this could be a good business. From that point on, there were more and more log homes to build.

While Sam stayed at the job-sites, his wife, Travonda, ran their first small office. Growth came quickly. As the popularity of log homes soared, Satterwhite Log Homes added employees, more materials, more trucks, equipment and facilities.

As time passed, we added crews (The Whitfield Brothers in 1977), more mills supplying our needs (1977), and our first full-time sales person in 1978 (who stayed with us till his passing in 2004). From that point-in-time, we progressed to buying our own dead-standing timber and installed manufacturing equipment in 1984. In 1987, we built our first manufacturing plant in Gypsum,CO. Six years later, we began buying Utah timber and ultimately constructed a fresh new plant in Gunnison, Utah in 1997.

By the early eighties, Satterwhite Log Homes was building and selling hundreds of homes per year. Through good times and bad we've grown to approximately 150 people who have served well over 10,000 Satterwhite homeowners.

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