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Kyle and Stacey Meshell - A Recurring Dream

From the day they married, Kyle and Stacey Meshell not only had a dream, they had a plan. On Kyle's family homeplace, on land purchased from his grandfather, he and Stacey would build a log home.

"We were high school sweethearts," says Stacey.

Not only would the Meshells live next door to Kyle's parents, their home would be only a few miles from Stacey's family.

There was never any doubt about building a log home. Stacey explains, "I was raised in a Satterwhite log home, and never lived in anything else growing up. I wanted the same for my kids, who love log homes as much as I do."

Building a home is one of life's major milestones. Like any young family, Kyle and Stacey were resourceful and industrious. "We saved like crazy, and worked with our local bank on the mortgage. Even in the current market, we learned it is possible to build a log home."

The pieces were falling into place. The Meshell's had their land and their mortgage. And with one telephone call, they had their builder: Tim Whitfield, Stacey's dad. "Some families have experience building a home or two. My dad has built nearly 700."

In the early 1970s, Tim's older brothers Bill and David had forged a relationship with Satterwhite Log Homes. Soon as Tim graduated high school, he joined forces and is now in his 36th year building exclusively for Satterwhite. "This kind of loyalty and longevity is unheard of in the construction trades," states Sam Satterwhite, company owner.

"One thing that was important to us was to build our home around our family," says Stacey.

"Dad made everything easy. He helped us pick a plan that is perfect for our three children, and matched to our budget. Plus he knows everybody, which made finding subcontractors simple."

In Satterwhite Seminars, Sam Satterwhite emphasizes relationships. "If you have good specifications, bids are going to be close. At that point, money is not the only consideration. It is important to work with pleasant people. In the construction trades, reputation is everything. Building a home can be one of life's great experiences with good planning and good people."

Building a log home often engages the entire family. The Meshell children, Lane (13), Shelby (11), and Karly (10) were young when their home was built, but they will never forget the experience of helping mom and dad - and granddad - build the home they are now growing up in.

"Dad is so creative. He sees things in wood, and adds detail that is beautiful. Everything people like about our house is something my dad did," Stacey says. "I love the the log work in the balcony. Our kids are so proud. Karly had an assignment to write an essay, and she wrote about her granddad and log homes."

Building a home is a huge undertaking. Stacey and her mother, Sally, worked as a team shopping for furnishings and decor. "Our apartment was stuffed with furniture and things for the new house. We didn't have room to sit down for dinner."

"We're really proud of our home, and proud of my dad's work," says Stacey, a teacher.

"First thing we did when it was finished was to host the school's faculty Christmas party."

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