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Step One - Trees are selectively cut to ensure reforestation and good forest management practices. Kuhns Bros. Log Homes, Inc. is a proud Corporate Sponsor of the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Step Two - The logs are delivered to the mill where they will be stock-piled and later prepared for the milling process.

Step Three - Heavy equipment loads the logs onto a conveyer to be debarked.

Step Four - Nothing Goes to Waste. All by-products of ground bark are utilized to produce high quality mulch products used by the garden & landscape industry.

Step Five - Debarked logs are then milled into cants which are sorted according to size and prepared for drying.

Step Six - The cants are carefully placed into dehumidification kilns where they will be dried.

Step Seven - Big planers are used to shape the cant into a log profile. This gives a clean bright appearance in preparation to be precut into a log home design.

Step Eight - The 6x8D profile is one of the 15 standard profiles available at Kuhns Bros. Log Homes, Inc.

Step Nine - Logs are graded, numbered, and lettered from precut drawings provided by the drafting department.

Step Ten - The chop saw cuts logs to length at the beginning of the cut line.

Step Eleven - Each log is pre-drilled and counter bored for proper placement of lag bolts making construction of log walls easy.

Step Twelve - Dado cuts are made on the log ends making tight and secure corner intersections.

Step Thirteen - This station is where the male and female notches are cut into the logs.

Step Fourteen - Large radial saws are used to precut log gable end walls.

Step Fifteen - Precision cutting is paramount to an Energy Efficient Home.

Step Sixteen - Log bundles are presorted and invertedly stacked to save time in finding the correct log during construction at the job site. Log bundle size and configurations sometimes limits the degree of pre-sorting.

Step Seventeen - Each pack of logs is packaged, wrapped, labeled and bound for protection from the weather when delivered to the construction site this is a big plus for builders and a money saver for home owners.

Step Eighteen - Materials are pulled together by the Corporate staff providing the NO-SHOP™ Package.

Step Nineteen - Other materials needed for the construction of the house are grouped and wrapped for delivery. These materials are part of a multi-staged delivery offered with all Kuhns Bros. log home packages.

Step Twenty - As delivery day approaches, trucks will be loaded, strapped, and tarped to keep inclement weather from affecting the material.

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